City of Armstrong Resource Library

Everything is at your fingertips. Within this library, you will be able to find the documents you need for research, applications, or just general civic interest. Should you be unable to find a specific document or release, please connect with us and our staff will be happy to assist. 

In the meantime, please feel free to browse, download, or read through the extensive library of documents.


City of Armstrong policies are a means to provide a framework for equitable decision making and corporate direction. Public policy documents can include, but are not limited to, Community Plans, Water Maintenance, Utilities, Finance, Grant in Aid and Economic Development. Browse through the list of the City’s public policies.


All City of Armstrong bylaws are available to the public. Bylaws are laws that formalize rules made by City Council and are unique to each community. City bylaws are used to regulate, prohibit or impose requirements and enforcement. Browse through the full list of the City of Armstrong’s bylaws here.

Business Licenses & Permits

Doing business in the City of Armstrong? Information on business licenses, applications, developments, and permits can be found within the resource library.

Information, Reports & Notices

Find general community information, the latest reports on municipal infrastructure, public land use, upcoming initiatives, FAQs, and Public Notices, and preparation guides for a variety of circumstances and emergencies.


Application forms, from business development to license applications, permits to tax exemptions, are easily accessible to all.

Council Minutes & Agendas

Stay up-to-date with the latest information coming from your City Council. Minutes and agendas for upcoming meetings can be found here.

City of Armstrong Mapping

Armstrong CItyMap is a Web-based application that lets you view data about the City of Armstrong in map form, including:

  • Property Lines
  • Imagery
  • Street Addresses
  • Public Parks; and
  • More

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