Mo Choudhary

Chief Financial Officer

The City of Armstrong Finance Department is responsible for maintaining the municipality’s overall finan­cial sustainability. The Department consists of a Chief Financial Officer and a Financial Clerk with assistance from support staff.

This department maintains and coordinates each City department to establish a 5-year Financial Plan to ensure spending compliance with the Financial Plan and Budget. The Finance Department also coordinates end-of-year forecasts, annual updates to Fees and Charges bylaws, and annual Budget presentations to the Council. 

2021 Annual Report

The Annual Report includes financial and statistical information regarding the 2021 fiscal year as well as 2021 City operating highlights and objectives for 2022. The 2021 Annual Report was presented to and approved by Council at the June 13, 2022 Council meeting.

Asset Management

The City of Armstrong underwent completed an asset management plan in 2020 which analyzes the condition of the City’s assets and determines whether or not the City has sufficient reserve levels to be able to replace them in the future. The plan is utilized during the budget process.

A presentation was made to Council at the September 21, 2020 Committee of the Whole meeting, and this final report was presented to Council at the November 9, 2020 Regular Meeting.


Each year, the City may award grants to organizations for the purpose of providing funding for a program, project, or capital expenditure. This is completed through the provision of grants or grants-in-aid for organizations that contribute to the positive quality of life in the Armstrong

Grants or tax exemptions are available for non-profit organizations that provide facilities for public use.

Permissive Tax Exemptions

Authority for granting permissive tax exemptions is provided through Section 224 of the Community Charter. Approval of eligible tax exemption applications including any limitations and conditions of an exemption is at the sole discretion of Council.

Stage 2 Water Conservation Restrictions Activated: Residents are encouraged to limit watering and to follow the restriction guidelines. For more information, please consider reading the City of Armstrong Water Use and Conservation Bylaw.

ATTN Road Closure Notice: There will be a full closure of the Pleasant Valley Exit between  Highway 97A and Smith Drive starting May 15 to June 30, 2023. For more information, please read the official notice.