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Winter Maintenance Reminder

The City of Armstrong is preparing for snow and ice control. We need your help to ensure snow removal is completed quickly and effectively.

Street Parking: Do not park on any city streets during a snowfall. Please wait until after all snow clearing activities are completed. Violators may be subject to enforcement, including tickets and/or impounding.

Snow Removal: Do not take the snow from your driveway or sidewalk and push it onto the public portion of the roadway.

Snow Removal for Driveway Ends: Driveway Ends that are candidates to have a windrow cleared are those that are on the opposite side of a sidewalk on a street that have been plowed one way and only if a windrow height exceeds 30 cm OR consists of “heavy” or “wet” snow or “frozen lumps”.

Commercial Properties: Owners are required to clean and apply abrasives and/or chemicals to mitigate potential slips and falls. This includes the walking space between parking spaces, falling snow and ice from any overhead structures.

Placement of Garbage and Recycling Containers: Please place your garbage and recycling containers off the street or sidewalk.

Residential Property Owners: Clean the sidewalks when snow accumulation is less than 5cm to reduce the build-up of compacted snow. Residential owners are also required to apply abrasives and or chemicals to mitigate potential slips and falls.

For more information, please view the Winter Maintenance Policy

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