PLANarmSTRONG – Time to get involved!

PLANarmSTRONG – Time to get involved!

ARMSTRONG, BC – The City invites you to be part of the upcoming Official Community Plan (OCP) update! Over the next two weeks, the City of Armstrong will host various engagement opportunities aiming to capture the diverse voices and visions within our community. These include a visioning survey, two dates for open houses, key community partner workshops, engagement in the schools, and pop-up events throughout the community

“Official Community Plan in a week” sessions begin with an open house kickoff at City Hall” says Mayor Cramer. “This will be the first chance for the public to attend a session and will be a great opportunity to tell us what is important to you! The Official Community Plan provides guidance for Council for shaping Armstrong’s future, and decisions that impact land use and development, it’s very important to hear what the community values and what everyone wants for the future.”
The kickoff open house will be held at City Hall on Monday November 20 from 5:30 – 7:30, with speeches and light refreshments at the beginning. Engagement events will carry throughout the week:

Event Schedule:

Kickoff Open House:
When: Monday, November 20, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Where: City Hall
What: Engage with us, share your thoughts, and enjoy light refreshments and speeches.

Community Engagement Opportunities Include:

Community Visioning Survey: Open until December 1, 2023
Key Community Partner Sessions: By invitation on November 21st and 22nd
Open House 2: November 21st, 5-7 PM at City Hall – same information as first open house

Pop-Up Sessions: November 21st and 22nd, various locations across the community

Engagement in Schools: Collecting valuable insights from students about their values and wants for the future.

For more information about these sessions or to take the survey visit:

PLANarmSTRONG? This is an opportunity to chart a new course for Armstrong, addressing important priorities like housing, environmental sustainability, economic development, and more! To have a successful OCP it is important to get as many local perspectives as possible. Get involved and provide your vision and ideas to PLANarmSTRONG!

An OCP is a long-term planning document and bylaw that outlines the vision, goals, policies, and strategies for the future growth and development of a community. An OCP guides City decision-making, policies, and investments in areas such as land use, infrastructure, transportation, housing, environment, arts and culture, parks, and economic development. The City’s current OCP was last updated in 2014 and requires a comprehensive update to align Armstrong’s future with evolving conditions, trends, and developments within and outside of our community.

The PLANarmSTRONG project focuses on the overall long-term vision for Armstrong and differs from the CARI project which is concentrated on the renewal of the streetscape of Armstrong’s main commercial corridor. The two projects overlap and will be sharing information.

Please stay tuned to the City’s social media and website for updates on ways to engage and contribute to shaping the future of Armstrong.

Stage 2 Water Conservation Restrictions Activated: Residents are encouraged to limit watering and to follow the restriction guidelines. For more information, please consider reading the City of Armstrong Water Use and Conservation Bylaw.