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Illegal Suites


The City of Armstrong would like to remind the community of regulations regarding secondary (rental) suites.

Homes that contain a separate suite (generally defined as a suite rented to others, located in an otherwise single family residence and containing a separate kitchen), must be properly zoned and must be constructed to the standards of the BC Building Code.

Rental accommodation is encouraged in the City, but Council emphasizes the importance of a legalized suite. Landlords should ensure that:

• the property is correctly zoned;
• they have reviewed the presence of a suite with their home insurance provider to ensure adequate coverage;
• there are the required number of parking spaces on the property;
• a current City of Armstrong business license is in place; and
• most importantly, the suite is built to the standards of the BC Building Code to consider the safety of the landlord and the tenant.

City Council encourages you to ensure your suite is legal. City staff can advise you on the process to legalize your suite. Please contact City Hall for more information 250-546-3023.