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Public Works

Public Works

24 Hour Emergency Number is 250-546-3023 
This will take you to City Hall during business hours and to an answering service during off hours. The answering service will relay your message to our Public Works crew.

Fall Pruning & Yard Waste Pickup - Monday, October 22, 2018

The fall pruning and yard waste pickup will begin Monday, October 22, 2018.

Bundled Pruning Pickup

  • Prunings must be tied in bundles with string (no wire of any kind)
  • Bundle size must be manageable
  • Bundles are to be stacked parallel to the street, away from other objects, for ease of pick-up
  • Maximum diameter of pruning is 4 inches around
  • Maximum length of pruning is 6 feet long
  • Prunings with thorns are to be bundled separately

Bagged Organics Pickup

  • Garden waste such as leaves, evergreen needles, clippings, and other organic material that cannot be bundled
  • Must be in see through plastic bags (no other types of bags or boxes will be picked up)
  • No loose material will be picked up
  • Maximum weight of bag is 50 pounds
  • Bags are to be placed at the curb and away from bundled prunings
  • Leaves are not to be raked onto the street

Materials that do not meet the above requirements will not be picked up.

Material must be out at the curb before 7:00 a.m. on Monday, Oct 22 to be picked up. 

There is year round free residential yard waste drop off at all Regional Recycling and Disposal Facilities. Contact the Regional District of North Okanagan for more information: 250-550-3700, or visit their website at

Winter Maintenance Policy

Please review the current copy of the Winter Maintenance Policy by clicking this link

The Public Works Department provides a large number of services to our community as listed briefly below:

Roads and Streets

Plan and coordinate the annual road, sidewalk and drainage construction projects

Ensuring that our roads are maintained by repairing pot holes, painting traffic lines and maintaining traffic and directional signage

  • Mow and maintain boulevards and City owned property
  • Landscaping maintenance around public buildings and boulevards
  • Drainage
  • Snow-plowing and sanding during the winter season as per Winter Maintenance Policy 6-600-15
  • Street sweeping


  • Install new sidewalks
  • Maintain existing sidewalks
  • Clear the snow during the winter season as per Winter Maintenance Policy 6-600-15
  • Clear the sand at the end of the winter season

Street Lights

  • Make sure that street lights are installed in new subdivision and that existing streetlights are working properly
  • You can report non-working street lights by emailing or by calling City Hall at 250-546-3023.

Water Supply

  • Ensure that we have clean and safe water
  • Maintain the distributions lines that supply you with that water
  • Look after our various water sources

Sewer Service

  • Maintain the pipes that collect sewer or wastewater
  • Proper treatment of wastewater
  • Provide treated wastewater to users of our effluent irrigation project

Shop and Vehicles

  • Maintain City owned property and vehicles

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