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Public Works

Public Works

24 Hour Emergency Number is 250-546-3023 

This will take you to City Hall during business hours and to an answering service during off hours. The answering service will relay your message to our Public Works crew.

Load Restrictions

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's Seasonal Strength Loss Program identifies and imposes load restrictions on roads that have been weakened by excess water in the road base. As roads thaw, the surrounding soil can remain frozen and impermeable. This reduces the pavement’s effective strength or bearing capacity to carry heavy loads. When excess water has been removed from the road base and the road is structurally sound, load restrictions can be lifted. Historically, this typically occurs in late April or May of each year, although a typical year does not exist. They utilize tools such as frost probe locations, weather forecasts, and our staff or Maintenance Contractor monitoring the roads in order to impose and rescind load restrictions.

For current load restrictions in our area (Area 13) please follow this link: Link to MoTI Load Restrictions Information

Winter Maintenance Policy

Please review the current copy of the Winter Maintenance Policy by clicking this link

Winter Reminders

The City of Armstrong asks residents to remember the following as we move into winter:

  • Residential Street Parking: City bylaws do not permit parking on any city streets during a snowfall. Only after snowplowing, sanding and de-icing activities are completed can allowable on-street parking resume. First violations will be subject to a warning notice; repeat violations may be subject to your vehicle being towed at your expense or a fine of $100.00.
  • Snow Removal: It is against City bylaws to take the snow from your driveway or sidewalk and push it onto the public portion of the roadway. The extra piles of snow can create a driving hazard for passing motorists. City bylaws require residents to remove snow and ice from building roof sections or awnings that are adjacent to a street or sidewalk and could pose a hazard to the public.
  • Placement of Garbage & Recycling Containers: Please place your garbage and recycling containers off the street or sidewalk in order to allow the City to clear snow from streets and sidewalks.

Thank you for your cooperation this winter.

The Public Works Department provides a large number of services to our community as listed briefly below:

Roads and Streets

Plan and coordinate the annual road, sidewalk and drainage construction projects

Ensuring that our roads are maintained by repairing pot holes, painting traffic lines and maintaining traffic and directional signage

  • Mow and maintain boulevards and City owned property
  • Landscaping maintenance around public buildings and boulevards
  • Drainage
  • Snow-plowing and sanding during the winter season as per Winter Maintenance Policy 6-600-15
  • Street sweeping


  • Install new sidewalks
  • Maintain existing sidewalks
  • Clear the snow during the winter season as per Winter Maintenance Policy 6-600-15
  • Clear the sand at the end of the winter season

Street Lights

  • Make sure that street lights are installed in new subdivision and that existing streetlights are working properly
  • You can report non-working street lights by emailing or by calling City Hall at 250-546-3023.

Water Supply

  • Ensure that we have clean and safe water
  • Maintain the distributions lines that supply you with that water
  • Look after our various water sources

Sewer Service

  • Maintain the pipes that collect sewer or wastewater
  • Proper treatment of wastewater
  • Provide treated wastewater to users of our effluent irrigation project

Shop and Vehicles

  • Maintain City owned property and vehicles

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